5 Cool Room Divider Ideas for a Hip Studio Apartment

By Jerry Bickham

So, you’ve just made the move to a studio apartment. The freedom of having a large open space in which to showcase your personal style seemed like a great idea at the time, but now you’re beginning to long for a little separation. Or maybe a little bit of personal space to allow you to get away. You, like many others, have come to the conclusion that breaking up your large single room would make for a better living experience. But like the song says, “breaking up is hard to do.” To help you in your pursuit of perfect division, here are 5 cool room divider ideas for a hip studio apartment.

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Bamboo Dividers

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Looking to bring in a little nature into your apartment, but don’t want the hassle of trying to keep it alive. Then a bamboo room divider is just for you. This is where contemporary design meets natural elements. And if you’re trying to add a little Asian aesthetic, this can be a perfect addition that can blend with many other Asian themed pieces. You can find free standing bamboo screens, bamboo panels, or just use a collection of bamboo planters to create an outdoor feel in your indoor space.



A Vertical Garden Divider

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Speaking of bringing nature into your space, if you have a green thumb, vertically placed planters can liven up a room with greenery, while at the same time dividing your living space. A modular plant wall can be made from either a see-through bookcase, freestanding shelves, or multiple hanging planters strung ceiling to floor.




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Bookshelf Room Dividers

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If plants aren’t your thing, the use of the freestanding see-through bookcase above can be repurposed with other items of your choosing. These are a popular room dividing option, not only for their storage potential but also for their added benefit of privacy control. If you’re looking for maximum privacy, fill up the bookcase to the max. If you’re wanting a little more openness, just leave some open spaces to let more light shine through.




Stacked Crates Room Divider

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As a more flexible alternative to a bookcase, the simple crate is a greatly underestimated design element for your space. Using multiple crates to create a room divider offers not only great storage space and privacy wall but also provides for a little touch of personal flair in the way you choose to stack them. And because this wall is modular, you can easily change the layout periodically to giving your space a slightly different look – if you so choose.




Recycled Doors Room Divider

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If you’re the DIY type, you can opt for using a series of old doors, hinged together to make a freestanding wall. You can use as many doors as you like, allowing for maximum privacy, while also providing maximum style. You can choose any style of door you wish. Simply attach the doors to one another with door hinges and create a slight zig-zag pattern to allow it to stand in place. You can also install sliding barn door hardware and hang to doors side by side to create a rustic feel.





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