5 Easy Ways to Divide Up Studio Furniture

By Jerry Bickham

Living in a studio apartment comes with its own set of unique challenges.  But probably the biggest challenge is trying to figure out how to turn the one only room you have into multiple rooms.  So to provide a little help in this area, we’ve compiled 5 easy ways to divide up studio furniture.


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Create the Illusion of Different Rooms

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One easy way to create the illusion of separate rooms in a studio apartment is to define the living space with an area rug.  By surrounding the rug with your living room furniture, you can create a sense of division without losing the openness most studio apartments provide.  (Click here for some examples.)



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Build a “Wall” Using an Open Bookcase

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Secondly, if you prefer a little more physical separation, an open bookcase can provide that partitioning you’re looking for.  But apart from providing a division of space that you’re wanting, you also gain some extra storage.  And since they are open on both sides, they still allow for that feeling of openness throughout.  (See more here.)




Form a “Room” Using Curtains or Draperies

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Some people prefer a little more privacy, and hanging a curtain or draperies around the bedroom area can provide that privacy.  Even when they are open, a curtain or drape still has the effect of defining a cozy section, separated from the rest of the apartment.  Also, this is a very low-cost solution that is easy to install compared to other solutions.  (Find more here.)




Let a “Wall” Double as a Projection Screen

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If you’re a TV or movie fan, this next idea might be just for you.  By hanging a white fabric panel, you get the same privacy effect as using curtains or drapes.  As an added bonus, you also gain the added bonus of a projection screen.  And if that’s not enough of a reason, you also gain the additional space that would normally be taken up by a large TV screen or entertainment center.  A ceiling or wall mounted projector is all that’s needed.  (See more here.)


Remove the Bedroom All Together

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If you can’t figure out how to easily divide up your space into multiple rooms, why not remove one of the rooms from the equation.  Let’s face it, we tend only spend one-third of our day in our bedroom.  That’s if we’re lucky.  So why should our bed take up so much space 100% of the time?

By investing in a space saving bed, such as a Murphy bed or a loft bed, you can free up more floor space for either the living or dining area.  A Murphy bed would only take up space against the wall for most of the day, and would only require a little rearranging at night.  If you’re fortunate enough to have high ceilings, a loft bed can allow for a dedicated sleeping area with the minimal use of floor space.  

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I hope these 5 easy ways to divide up studio furniture has given you some good ideas to turn your studio apartment into the perfect home. 


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