9 Cool Gadgets for your Studio Apartment

Necessity is the mother of invention, so the saying goes. And if you’re living in a tiny studio apartment, your number one priority is to figure out ways to obtain maximum usage from minimal space. Thankfully, that inventive spirit is alive and well and has resulted in a wide assortment of gadgets that can add both style and utility to the smallest of spaces.  So, for your inner Thomas Edison, here are 9 cool gadgets for your studio apartment.

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Countertop Dishwashers

If your apartment doesn’t have a dishwasher, but you’re the type that likes to entertain, there’s an alternative to paper plates and plastic cups. About the size of a large microwave, the countertop dishwasher just sits on your counter and can clean up to six place settings at once. These wonderful appliances require no plumbing whatsoever – you simply connect them to your tap water faucet and they drain into your sink.

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3-in-1 Breakfast Station

So, now that you have that nifty countertop dishwasher, you now have less space for a toaster, coffee maker, and cooktop. How do you solve this problem? With an appliance that combines all three into one! About the size of a toaster oven, this cool gadget can brew coffee, make toast, and fry bacon and eggs – all at the same time. Now that’s a breakfast.


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1.5 Quart Slow Cooker

Of course, breakfast isn’t the only meal of the day. This next gadget can cook up an entire meal – the slow cooker. But this isn’t just any slow cooker. This mini version has all the capability of its larger sibling, at a fraction of the size, as well as cost. It can whip up dips, soups, and other mini meals, all while you’re off to work, school, shopping, whatever. Just set it and forget it. When you return, you’ll have a hot meal waiting for you. Most have a removable, dishwasher safe inner stoneware pot – perfect for that new dishwasher you just bought!

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iPhone Pocket Projector

Now that you’ve finished eating and doing the dishes, it’s time to kick back and watch some TV or a movie. But your lack of space doesn’t allow for that big screen TV. But if you have an iPhone, who needs a TV? With the iPhone Pocket Projector, you can project anything you can watch on your phone onto a 50-inch HD image right on your wall. The gadget runs off of your phone’s battery, so you can put it anywhere and not have to worry about being near an outlet.

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Hand Held Vacuum

After eating that bowl of popcorn while watching your new 50-inch projection TV, you’ll probably need to do a little cleanup – especially if you were watching the big game and got a little over excited when your team scored the winning run/goal/basket/touchdown. But it’s such a hassle to pull out a large vacuum to clean up your mess. Never fear, there’s a gadget for this situation too. A small handheld vacuum can quickly suck up those chips, pretzels, popcorn, or any other snack food you were so careless to drop on your chair, sofa or floor. There are even wet/dry models that can handle spills. And most are cordless and come with a wall-mounted charging station.


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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

For your day to day vacuuming needs, a robotic vacuum cleaner can remove one chore off your list. There are many models on the market now, and with greater competition comes a lower price. Some lower-end models run from $100 to $300, with prices going all the way to over $1000 for the higher end models. They all work pretty much the same way – a suite of sensors allows the robot to navigate the room and systematically cover each and every square inch of floor space the robot can get to. When done, it returns to its charging station for a recharge. Many can be scheduled to operate when you want it to, like when you’re not at home.

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USB Bed Lifts

To help your new robot vacuum get to every nook and cranny of your apartment, your bed may need to be lifted to allow it to keep its underside clean. This is where bed lifts come in. If you add even a few inches of space, it can dramatically increase how much you’re able to store underneath. But why stop at just plain bed lifts, when you can get bed lifts with power outlets and USB ports. This not only increases the number of power outlets in your small studio, but it also eliminates the need for those clunky power strips.

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Mini Laundry Machine

Most studio apartments are just too small for a washer and dryer. And it’s just not that fun to spend your free time at a laundromat. But now there are even mini versions of these all-important appliances. Some even perform double duty as both a washer and a dryer.



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The Folding Ottoman Bed

This wonder of furniture design can turn any room into a guest room. During the day, it functions as extra seating, a coffee table, or a footrest. But when friends or family stay the night, it becomes a comfy bed. They’re easy to setup and include washable, zip-off cushion covers.

By Jerry Bickham




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