9 Furniture Ideas to Conquer Your Studio Apartment

By Jerry Bickham

For anyone living in a studio apartment, maximizing your limited space is a must. But trying to fit most furniture pieces into such a tiny space can be quite a challenge, to say the least. Many of today’s furniture designs aren’t made for the small confines of a typical studio apartment. But there is hope out there if you know where to look. More and more, furniture designs are beginning to cater to those choosing to venture into the studio apartment life. Furniture that’s multi-purpose, expandable or convertible can allow you to have that large space feel without sacrificing all of your precious space. So let’s dive into 9 furniture ideas to conquer your studio apartment and make you the king (or queen) of your castle.


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A Drop Leaf Table

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A drop leaf table can be a godsend for a studio apartment. Put the leaves down and you’ll conserve valuable space. Raise them and you’ll be able to have guests over for dinner. This gives you more table when you need it, and less when you don’t.




Stackable Chairs

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So, now that you’ve invested in a space saving dining table, you need some place to put those extra chairs. Stacking chairs to the rescue! But don’t think you’re limited to those cheap plastic stacking chairs. There are many options that are more modern and can be found in a variety of styles.






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A Space Saving Desk

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If you’re the work-at-home type, you probably need a designated desk space to work. Here again, you have many options to choose from when deciding on a space saving desk. Some have a drop down writing surface, while others are made to hang on the wall and just fold up when not in use.





A Murphy Bed

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For a studio apartment, a large bed can swallow up the majority of the limited space you have. However, since you only use your bed at nighttime, there’s really no need to leave it lying around taking up space all day long. One popular solution is a murphy bed. They come in different styles and sizes, and some even include side storage.





A Sofa Sleeper or Futon

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If a Murphy bed is not for you, there are other sleeping options. A sofa bed or futon can provide the perfect solution since you can fold it up easily out of the way when you’re not using it. Even better, it doubles up as a comfortable sofa, a great two for one.



Under Bed Storage Drawers

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Fold away or hide away beds not for you? If you just have to have a normal bed “like everyone else”, why not take advantage of the space underneath? Under bed storage drawers can offer a great deal of storage and make use of a commonly forgotten space.



A Nightstand with Storage

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To go along with the extra storage under your bed, rather than have a typical nightstand or side table, try a small storage table instead. Many provide the perfect combination of unique design and space-saving function.





Nesting Tables

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Speaking of side tables, a cool option for use anywhere in your apartment are nesting tables. They are commonly used as side tables, but can also serve as a small coffee table. They can be used together to provide more table space, or they can be broken up and used separately. And when not in use, they simply stack together into a small space.




An Ottoman

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Finally, an ottoman that contains interior storage can provide a multitude of uses. It can serve as extra seating, a footrest, and of course, storage space for those living room items that you want to keep within arm’s reach.







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