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By Jerry Bickham

A cute tiny studio apartment sounds pretty nice this day and age.  While the economy sags and energy rates rise, these small apartments are starting to grow in popularity again.  However, along with this increased popularity comes the inevitable problem of redecorating.  A studio apartment can be one of the hardest spaces to decorate.  Its open floor plan, while being trendy, it eliminates the option of using multiple decorating themes.  You either have to choose one theme that can be applied throughout the apartment or create multiple spaces that are unique from one another.  This option of having multiple spaces is preferred by many since this allows for more privacy and can also accommodate a more creative combination of color schemes.  So here are ways to create private space in your studio apartment.

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Divide the Space

The creation of private spaces in a studio apartment can be accomplished by dividing the room with large furniture, ceiling hung curtains or privacy screens.  Curtains work well in areas where privacy is desired more than just separation.  You can use this separation to define the areas you will use as the living room and dining room. This can also create art as well as division. (See more here!)

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Area Rugs for Definition

Area rugs provide some definition to an improvised room as well.  Placing a large area rug in the center of an area will establish a perimeter for the room and create a starting point for your decorating theme.  Choose colors you will be using in the room prior to buying the area rug.  This way,  you will be able to use the area rug as a blending tool and make the room feel more complete.  (Find more here!)

Using Furniture for Separation

Now that you have successfully divided your living space, you can begin decorating the place.  Book shelves and all sizes of chests can be used to provide separation, storage, and a focal point.  Larger furnishings like couches and beds can accomplish this as well.  A focal point can be created in each area that makes it actually appear to be its own room. (See a few here and here!)

Don’t Forget the Lighting

Room lighting is just as important in defining these “rooms” as the previously discussed means of separation.  So that you do not invade the privacy of those in other areas, concentrate on lamp light instead of ceiling light.  By using reflective furnishings or hanging many mirrors,  you can keep areas from being too dark.  This will not only help to better control the light in the room but will also make it seem larger.

Multi-Purpose Furnishings

Yet another great way to make your room seem larger is to use multi-purpose furnishings.  While you probably don’t have any room for a guest bedroom, you can still provide accommodations by having a sofa sleeper.  Baskets or hat boxes can offer both storage and art.  Wicker clothing hampers are also a great way to store things and can make wonderful end tables. (Find sofa sleepers here!)

Lots of Options

The simple design of studio apartments allows you to divide your room into any type of floor layout.  This also provides you with unlimited options when choosing decor and color schemes.  When you select your design, think about how you will use the area, how much lighting is required, and who will be using the area most.  These things will not only help you pick the color scheme, but also the furnishings and the focal point.  You can be creative and allow everyone that will use the room to participate in the decorating.  No matter how tasteful your style may be, this will allow you to create a personal haven, feeling even more private to others than something with only your personal style.


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