Design Ideas For Your Studio Living Room

By Jerry Bickham

When living in a studio apartment, you may be limited in space, but you don’t have to be limited when it comes to your imagination.  Whatever you choose when designing your living room, it is entirely in your hands.  For example, if you would like your living room to resemble beach front property, that is entirely possible.  So here are a few design ideas for your studio living room.

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Choose a Theme

If you already have an aquarium, you already have a ready made theme.  Adding a potted palm tree is extremely affordable and looks great indoors.  By laying down a large section of artificial turf, the effect of the tree is multiplied ten-fold.  A large beach painting can turn your studio apartment into a tropical getaway.  And you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars in an art gallery for the painting.  Searching your local thrift stores can usually be sources of wonderful paintings, photos or prints, sometimes for less than twenty dollars.  Now if you want to go all out with this beach theme, adding a tiny wading pool can greatly enhance the effect. Fill the pool a quarter-full with water, then place play sand in the center to create a sandbar.  And placing beach toys on top will give it an added touch.

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Add a Splash Color

One advantage of designing a living room for a studio apartment is that you can paint or wallpaper the apartment in one day.  And if you are fortunate enough to have hardwood floors, you have the perfect setup for a Stockholm motif. First off, paint three of the walls and the ceiling an eggshell white.  Next, apply a brown or taupe-pattern of wallpaper to the fourth wall.  Then add curtains with a design that matches that of the wallpaper.  Place a circular straw mat in the center of the floor, and then set it off with a large floor vase of dried flowers to complete the look.   This is also a great design to use with a room divider.

Create an Inviting Space

If the living room design is done well, your studio apartment will be a place your friends would like to visit.  It won’t have to be a just a stopover for those wanting to go elsewhere.  By using a little creativity,  your studio apartment can become the envy of those with grander homes and larger wallets.


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