Easily Maximize Space in Your Studio Apartment

By Jerry Bickham

Those of you living in a small studio apartment know just how precious space can be.  Choose the wrong furniture and it will take over all of this space, leaving you very little room to move, to live, and even to entertain. However, with a few helpful tips, you can choose furniture that will help you maximize your space.  You will also be allowing for storage of all the items you need while still providing you with a comfortable, spacious looking studio.  So let’s easily maximize space in your studio apartment.

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Consider a Sofa Bed

The largest item of furniture you own is more than likely your bed.  For a studio apartment, a large bed can swallow up the majority of the limited space you have.  However, since you only use your bed at nighttime, there’s really no need to leave it lying around taking up space all day long.

A sofa bed can provide the perfect solution since you can fold it up easily out of the way when you’re not using it. Even better, it doubles up as a comfortable sofa, a great two for one.

Sofa beds used to be poorly made and very uncomfortable to sleep on.  But today there’s a huge selection of stylish, attractive, practical ones, ensuring that you’ll find something to satisfy your tastes.  (See more here!)

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Don’t Forget the Wall Space

Many people consider walls as simply spaces for hanging decorative objects such as photos or paintings.  However, the walls of your apartment can be put to greater use and can double as a great place to store things.

The first place to start is putting up some shelving.  This is great for storing all of your books, DVDs, and video games, rather than placing them in a cabinet on the floor.  You’ll be surprised at how much space can be freed up since most people have a rather large collection of these items.  (See more here!)

But you shouldn’t stop there.  You can use your walls to hold other items that would normally take up floor space. Rather than using free-standing lights and lamps, use wall-mounted ones instead.  Instead of placing your TV in a cabinet, you can hang your television on the wall.

Use Portable Storage

Yet another great way to make more room to breathe is storage that you can move around, instead of cabinets or book cases that stay in the same place day in and day out.  Lots of home furnishing stores now sell furniture that has casters or other wheels, letting you easily push them around, even when full.

This can be a wonderful space saving feature since it allows you to quickly and easily rearrange your living space to give you plenty of room to move when you need it.  This is also particularly useful when you are having people over for dinner or a party.  You can easily wheel the furniture you don’t need into another area, and leave it there until everybody has gone.

Hopefully, this article will help you easily maximize space in your studio apartment.

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