7 Ways to Squeeze a Little Extra Storage Out of a Small Bathroom

By Jerry Bickham

Storage is always a problem in a small space, but that is no truer than in the bathroom.  There are so many small items — razors, makeup, hairbrushes, toilet paper — that are must haves.  But where in such a small space do you put all that stuff?  If your bathroom clutter is getting a little out of control, you might just need to check out these 7 ways to squeeze a little extra storage out of a small bathroom.


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Use Wall Space

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If you’re like most people, the total amount of bathroom supplies greatly outnumbers the number of places to put them. You have to utilize every square inch of free space if you want to increase your storage efficiency.  For instance, narrow floating wall shelves take up very little room while providing much-needed storage space.  Additionally, it frees up floor space under the shelves for other storage solutions, like baskets.  If you mount baskets on the wall in your bathroom, it will provide instant storage for towels and other toiletry supplies.  And finally, you can install a series of hooks for hanging some of your clothing and accessories.


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Use the Space Behind the Wall

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Now if you are the owner of your apartment, or are lucky enough to have a lenient landlord, you can try this space gaining tip.  In most residential buildings today, there is, on average, 16 inches of space between the wall studs. If you strategically open up those areas of a wall or two, you can build a small recessed cabinet for bonus bathroom storage.



Use the Space Under a Pedestal Sink

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A pedestal sink can be super stylish and sophisticated, but they barely have enough space for a bar of soap.  And any space underneath will do very little for you storage wise.  In order to help your sink live up to its full potential, try adding a curved organizer designed specifically for placing under a pedestal sink. Or you can go with a custom-cut cabinet that fits around the base of the sink and adds much-needed storage space.



Use the Back of the Bathroom Door

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When searching for additional storage in a bathroom, it’s easy to overlook the first thing you see when walking into the room – the door.  Placing hooks or towel bars on the back of the door can provide a place to easily store those normally bulky folded towels. Of course, most people stop after hanging one towel bar on the door or sticking up a couple of hooks.  But what happens when you need to hang, say, five towels?  Just hang more bars and maximize your storage.


Use the Space Behind The Cabinet Doors

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There are also other doors in your bathroom that can be utilized for additional storage.  A vanity storage rack mounted on the back of a cabinet door won’t take up too much space, and it can hold a lot of stuff.  It’s perfect for storing items you want within easy reach, like hair dryers or shaving supplies.



Use Drawers inside Your Vanity Cabinet

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Vanity cabinets can supply lots of storage, but not always efficiently.  Much of the space in the back of a cabinet can become a Bermuda Triangle of items that are never to be seen again.  By placing drawers inside your cabinets, you will maximize this storage space and make it a lot easier to find smaller items. No more “I forgot I had that” moments!



Use A Bathroom Floor Cabinet

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The space beside the toilet is usually extremely small, but you’d be amazed at how much you can fit into a really narrow cabinet.  Some even have drawers, so you don’t have to pull the whole cabinet out every time you want something.  They can be tucked neatly beside the toilet and help you to maximize that small amount of storage space – without breaking the bank.




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