Furnishing Your Studio Apartment

By Jerry Bickham

Furnishing a studio apartment is a complicated task, to say the least.  However, when done correctly, your apartment can be made to feel very cozy, despite its small size.  Below are a few tips that will help open up your studio apartment, allowing it to seem more spacious.

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Create “Rooms”

By definition, a studio apartment is just one room.  To help you organize and manage the space you have, it would be helpful to create “rooms” within that room.  There are many ways to accomplish this.  You can hang curtains, use rugs for the different areas, partition areas using folding screens, or use free standing bookcases to do the partitioning.  This separation will make it feel as if there is more than one room, allowing you to not seem stuck in just one small area.

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Define a Focal Point

For the second tip, having a main focus in your apartment, such as the bed or a couch, will keep the room from blending together.  If nothing is the main focus, it will seem cramped and over furnished.  Define a focal point that can be the central focus of the apartment.

Give Your Furniture Dual Purpose

As another tip, try to find pieces of furniture that serve more than one purpose.  This will help you by not having to clutter your apartment with as much stuff.  For example, an ottoman can work both as a coffee table and as storage. A futon mattress can serve as a couch by the day, and a bed by night.  Try to find ways to consolidate furniture as much as you can.

Open Up Your Space

By choosing light colored or transparent furniture, such as tables with glass tops, you give the space more of an open feel.  Choosing furniture with small legs, such as wire legs, can also aid in opening up your space.  These two tips alone will allow the space to not feel so crowded.  Additionally, dark bulky furniture will fill up the room and make it feel overcrowded.

Mirrors, Mirrors Everywhere

Another way to make the room feel bigger is by hanging mirrors.  A mirror creates the illusion of more space, making the room feel bigger than it really is.

But the biggest tip to remember is to try not to overcrowd the space.  Search for ways to open up and maximize your space.  This will allow your apartment to feel open and roomier, rather than cramped and dreary.


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