5 Tips for Hosting a Great Party in a Studio Apartment

Whether it’s the start of football season, Oscars night, or “just because”, there’s always a reason to throw a party.  But if you live in a studio apartment, there are a quite a few issues you must plan for in advance in order to succeed in throwing a great party.  Yet, there are also some advantages to throwing a party in such a tiny space.  So let’s jump right into it and get this party started with 5 tips for hosting a great party in a studio apartment.

Make some room, move stuff around

The first step at making a party work in a small space is looking at your furniture layout and consider a little rearranging.  Try moving large furniture pieces against a wall, or move extra tables and chairs out of the way to make room for mingling.  If your party includes a large meal, don’t be afraid to move your kitchen table into the living area. You can also replace the dining room chairs with a bench in order to allow for more bodies around the table.  And finally, make sure to provide plenty of open areas to allow partygoers to easily circulate.

Food and drink options

At many parties, people often congregate around the food and drinks.  That place is usually the kitchen, but in a studio apartment, this is one of the smallest spaces.  For this reason, it’s advantageous to spread around the food and drinks, locating them in the most spacious areas.  You can be creative and think beyond the kitchen table and countertops for serving food and snacks.  Any flat surfaces, such as side tables, coffee tables, ottomans, etc. can be utilized as serving surfaces.  And finally, in order to prevent guests’ drinks from getting all mixed up, you can try using some sort of labeling system.  Try using name tags, different straws, or plastic cups with a marker pen at the serving station.

What to do with all these coats?

For those of you living in cooler climates, or if you’re having a wintertime party, most of your guests are going to be wearing coats.  They’re going to want to take them off when they arrive.  But you’re already limited on space just for the party goers, much less their coats.  So rather than just turning off the heat and letting the apartment temperature drop to arctic levels, you’ll need to provide some place to hang their coats.  One option is the bathroom. Do you have a shower curtain?  Just move some extra hangers to the shower curtain rod and have your guests hang them there.  Of course, the most obvious location to place the coats are on the bed, but this might remove a possible seating option if it’s piled up with coats and jackets.

Don’t cook during the party

On the other end of the climate spectrum is the summertime party.  If you’re having a party this time of year (or pretty much anytime down south!), you want to try to keep the temperature low and comfortable.  But if you’re cooking right up to the start of the party, it’s going to be difficult to get the temperature back down to comfortable levels.  So if you are going to need to cook some food in the oven, try cooking it in advance.  Then use a microwave or mini convection oven to heat it up prior to serving.  Or you can just stick with food items that don’t require heating.  This includes items such as chips and dip, fruit and vegetable trays, or other finger food type snacks.  Just remember that even if the food is great, if the party is sweltering, your guests are not going to have a great time.

Multipurpose everything

Many of our tips so far have provided ideas of how to use stuff in your apartment for purposes they weren’t originally designed.  However, there are still many other things in your space that can be used for a party purpose.  For instance, rather than bringing in an ice cooler for keeping things cool, the kitchen sink can be used for beverages, bottles of wine, canned drinks, or any other items that need to be kept cool.  Another multipurpose opportunity is with seating. Provide your guests with a casual party vibe by using pillows on the floor.  Encourage them to kick back and relax.  Finally, if you’re wanting to create a festive mood with party decorations, avoid taking up flat surfaces such as table or counter space.  Instead, adorn the walls and ceiling by stringing lights or streamers.  This will not only provide a festive feel but will also leave plenty of space for food and beverages.

By Jerry Bickham


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