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By Alexa L Campbell

Studio apartments are an affordable housing option for single people, couples, and small families. Many studio apartments are a great alternative to living in a shared home with relatives or renting from a landlord. Studio apartments are affordable and often offer several amenities within the grounds of the property. Moving in from a larger home often means trying to fit numerous items inside a small space comfortably. Having organization within the apartment is challenging when the storage areas and living spaces are not being properly utilized. Here are a few tips on how to maximize space in a studio apartment.

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Above Furniture Storage

Many tenants in studio apartments fail to look at the potential above the furniture. There is often several square feet of space that could be used to store items. Cabinets can be installed to provide further organization for things that need to be kept out of sight. There are many styles of desks that can be placed under a single bunk bed. Room dividers or curtains that hang from the ceiling can help to separate space. Large bookcases work well to create the illusion of a divided space near beds or other living areas that are hidden. Many people do not want their bed visible in the middle of their studio space. Placing the bookcase on the side or foot of the bed is one way to make the bed feel a bit enclosed.

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Raise the Bed

If a traditional bed is used place it on risers. This additional space under the bed makes it easier to use stored items. There are many containers and boxes that are the perfect size to fit under the bed. This is the perfect place for off season clothes, shoes, and non-perishable household items.

Organize the Closet

Closet space is often under utilized and not properly attended to. Investing in a professional closet organization system is one way to ensure that there are cabinets, drawers, shelving, or additional hanging space for clothing and shoes. Local interior designers are able to help in selecting an organization system that fits within your personal budget and available space.

Maximize the Living Space

There are specialty stores that sell Murphy beds of all sizes so that the bed can be put away and stored in a way that gives the flexibility to reclaim that living space during the day. Purchasing furniture that is designed for small spaces gives adequate seating but removes the bulk of the furniture. Consider using bar stools at counters that are wide enough to eat meals on. Look for dining tables that provide just enough room to eat comfortably. Take the leaf out of larger table if it will still provide enough seating. Pub style tables work well for seating for up to 4 people with minimal space. Some pub tables have storage space underneath for cook books or a few bottles of wine.

Bathroom Storage

Purchase storage or shelving that goes above the toilet and in narrow bathroom spaces. These shelves or cabinets work well to store towels, toiletries, and medicines. Strategically placed hooks and towel bars help to keep items off the floor. Hanging bath towels, robes, and body brushes help to keep things in the bathroom organized.

Kitchen Storage

Installing hanging racks in the kitchen is one way to store pots and pans. This frees up space for storing food products inside of the kitchen cabinets. If the stove is not used on a regular basis it is a good place to store a few pots.

Tech Storage

Also, mounting televisions to the wall helps to free up floor space. Use small laptop desks to create a home office space. Use these tips to maximize space in a studio apartment.

Alexa Campbell is on her way to completing her certification in interior design from UC Berkeley and loves expressing her ideas about home design through her blogs and online writing. Her inspirations include Kristina Wolf of Kristina Wolf Design, Inc., an interior designer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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