Get the Most Out of a Tiny Studio Kitchen

By Jerry Bickham

We all love our food. We just can’t live without it – literally. Yet for many of us, food is more than just a life necessity, it’s a passion. But if you live in a studio apartment, your limited kitchen space can put a damper on your inner Bobby Flay or Rachael Ray. In order to let your inner chef shine through, just follow these tips to get the most out of a tiny studio kitchen.

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Storage is Key

The first thing you have to deal with in a small kitchen is the lack of storage space. With storage at a premium, you have to be a little creative if you want to have a large assortment of culinary tools within easy reach. But where do you put all of the pots, pans, skillets, utensils, spices, or even the food? Not to mention all of the cups, plates, serving dishes, bowls, colanders, etc. You can easily accumulate a roomful of cooking equipment but have no space to use it. So you have to be very judicial in the cooking items you choose to buy. Here are some options to help you begin down the road to culinary greatness. (See Easily Maximize Space in Your Studio Apartment for more ideas.)

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Install Sliding Shelves into Cabinets

Sure, you might have plenty of physical space located in your cabinets, but can you really use it efficiently? How can you cram in as many cooking items as possible, but still be able to find anything in there? The easiest solution is to install sliding shelves into every cabinet – lower and upper. This will allow you to easily pull out the contents of your cabinet storage and be able to see everything, without the need to rummage through all of the various things you have stored in there.



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Hanging Storage

Once you’ve filled all of your cabinet storage, the next place to look for additional space is hanging storage. Whether it’s a spice rack mounted on the side of a cabinet, a multi tier hanging basket for fruits and vegetables, a hanging utensil organizer, or a wall mounted pot/pan rack, this type of storage will allow you to place those items that require quick and easy access while cooking within reach. They can also give your small kitchen to professional chef look, without the professional price.



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Nestable Cookware

Another way to maximize your kitchen storage is to purchase cookware that can be nested inside of one another. Nestable mixing bowls, storage containers, and entire cookware sets can allow for storing multiple items into the same space as one. Bakeware also lends themselves to being stacked one inside the other, such as different sizes of Corning ware or Pyrex glass baking dishes. Other nestable cookware options include just placing smaller items into larger ones, whether it’s the same item or not, such as placing a mixing bowl into a large pot.



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Pint-sized Appliances

Now that you have all of the cookware items you need to create that delicious masterpiece of a meal, you need the appliances to actually do the cooking. And if you think that bigger is better when it comes to kitchen appliances, think again. There are many new items on the market that offer all the capability of a larger appliance, without all the space. Small surface mounted cooktops can take up as little as 12″-15″ of counter space, but offers all the power of their larger counterparts. Combination toaster/convection ovens can provide both the ease of a simple toaster oven and the power of a larger convection oven – all in one tiny footprint. And even the ubiquitous microwave oven has its tiny offerings available.


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Where to put all this food?

Of course, you can’t create a masterful meal without food. But where do you put all this food without cramping your kitchen work area? If you have no room for a standard size refrigerator, you could consider a dorm-sized compact refrigerator instead. And if you need extra freezer space to save your excellent meal for later, compact versions of either a chest style or upright freezer are ready to store those wonderful leftovers for another day – why let something so good go to waste?



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