Quickly Maximize Limited Space

By Jerry Bickham

People living in large cities are used to making the most out of tiny spaces. Like most city dwellers, your living space is probably only as big as a typical garage. But to have a comfortable and stylish home, you don’t need to live in a mansion.  Below are some ideas to quickly maximize limited space and turn your tiny studio apartment into your own tiny palace.

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Think Vertical

If more storage options are what you’re looking for, just look up.  While you probably don’t have much floor space, you do have walls, and it’s a lot more cost effective to mount small shelving or hooks than it is to hang framed posters or art. Mounting baskets vertically along one wall in your bathroom provides instant storage for towels and toiletry supplies.  Or you can install a series of stylish hooks in your bedroom for hanging some of your clothing and accessories.  (Click here to see more!)

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Look for Dual-Purpose Furniture

If this is your first time moving into a studio, storage will more than likely be your greatest hurdle.  Most studio apartments have either one closet or none at all.  Planning your new furniture purchase, you should consider pieces that can serve as both furniture and storage.   Items like an ottoman that can act as hidden storage for blankets or a bed with under storage space for baskets or drawers can be used to store all your bulky sweaters.  Sofa sleepers can also provide guest accommodations or can allow you to go without a traditional bed altogether to free up some much-needed space for other furniture. (See ottomans and sofa sleepers here)

Divide and Conquer

When deciding how to divide up your studio space, you can create the illusion of separate spaces with the use of freestanding bookshelves, screens, area rugs, or furniture placement.  Consider each area you create as if it is its own cozy hideaway.  Placing furniture around an area rug can provide an intimate sitting area for talking and entertaining.  A corner desk with stool and a bulletin board hanging above can provide you an office space.  Hanging a screen or curtain around your bed will eliminate the awkwardness of having it be the first thing someone sees when entering the room and will also create a peaceful sleeping area.  (See more here)

Lighten it Up a Little

Choices such as paint color, large wall mirrors, and window dressing can make a small space seem bigger, airier, and lighter than it actually is.  Be sure to limit your use of dark paint colors – especially on the ceiling – since these colors can make a tiny room seem even more claustrophobic.  By painting your walls with soft neutral colors, you will create a more expansive look.  If you choose to use window dressing, keep it to a minimum: try using sheer or translucent curtains that will allow for the maximum amount of light.  Mirrors mounted on entry walls will help quickly maximize limited space as well.

Keep it Simple

Go through all of your belongings and determine what you use regularly and what you only use a couple of times a year.  And what things do you NEVER use?  Anything that is redundant (like having two toasters – do you really eat that much toast?) or is something you can’t remember the reason you bought it in the first place should be sold, donated, or discarded.  Studio living will make you think twice when shopping, too.  You will not only ask yourself, “Do I need it?”,  but will also think, “Do I have room for it?”  If your answer to these questions is no, then congratulate yourself for having just saved yourself some money and prevented some unnecessary clutter.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you quickly maximize limited space and make your studio apartment the home of your dreams.


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